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Last train to Geraldton ready to rock ‘n’ roll



Rail Heritage WA member Ian Studham with the B Class Number One locomotive. Rail Heritage WA member Ian Studham with the B Class Number One locomotive.

THE last surviving steam engine from the Midland Railway Company has left Block One at Midland Railway Workshops to become part of a rail museum planned for Geraldton.

Rail Heritage WA former secretary Ian Studham said the B Class Number One locomotive ran on the rail line operated by the Midland Railway Company from Midland Junction to Walkaway, near Geraldton.

The line operated privately from 1894 until it was taken over by Western Australian Government Railways in 1964.

Mr Studham said the locomotive went out of service in the 1960s and had been on display in a Geraldton park until about 10 years ago.

“At that time, the City of Geraldton wanted to scrap it or sell it overseas but Rail Heritage WA stepped in and negotiated to keep it in WA,” he said.

He said the City of Geraldton now had renewed interest in rail history and planned to put the engine on display at Walkaway Railway Station.

Rail Heritage WA had stored the locomotive and other items at Block One but is moving them to make way for redevelopment, including the planned GP Super Clinic.

Mr Studham said a bogey cattle wagon would go to a display at Minnivale, near Dowerin.

Other pieces will become part of Rail Heritage WA’s museum at Bassendean.

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